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        National Hotline: 400-666-2388
        Dongguan Ouximan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
        National Service Hotline: 0769-88125148
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        • Advantages of UV coating production line

          Advantages of UV coating production line

          UV coating production line uses professional UV paint. UV paint is different from PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used by ordinary furniture companies. It is a truly green paint, does not contain any volatile substances. ,Health and Environmental Protection. ...More


        • Price differences of spraying machines from different manufacturers

          Price differences of spraying machines from different manufacturers

          Now spraying machines are all modularized. A machine is made up of several modules. The most basic spraying machine is composed of several accessory modules. Among these accessories, some are the most core parts, and the price is ... More


        • Precautions in the use of automatic painting equipment

          Precautions in the use of automatic painting equipment

          The safety of automatic painting equipment can be summarized in five aspects: fire prevention, explosion prevention, solvent poisoning prevention, burn prevention, and mechanical injury prevention. In order to carry out the painting work safely and achieve the protection of the above five aspects, please pay attention to the following matters. Suggest the following ... More


        • Utilization life and outstanding functions of UV dryer equipment

          Utilization life and outstanding functions of UV dryer equipment

          The use life and outstanding functions of UV dryer equipment are very necessary. In this way, the cost paid for the use of the equipment can be effectively controlled. Secondly, the UV dryer equipment can maintain outstanding functions for a long period of time. There are conditions for quality goods. So what questions do you need to do to protect the extended life and function of ordinary operations? Let's summarize them together. ...More


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